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Hook on to the Explosion Boxes.. this time it's a carousel one !!!

Hi Crafty People..

I'm certainly hooked on to making Explosion Boxes.. they are sooper dooper fun to make and there is such a lot of craziness in making them, a part of this craziness comes from the fact that, it's fun to watch the recipients reactions (of course, if you personally give it to them).. they are always amazing :)

This time around, I experimented by Making a carousel explosion box since I wanted to make one of each shape and size.

Here is what I made !!!
A Carousel Shaped Explosion Box with a Love is.. Card..
Isnt it cute.. I even have a Love is.. flag at the top :)

Here's what the box looks like when opened. Also seen here is the Card.. it's a simple card .. yet is very elegant to look at :)

A complete view of the explosion box.
It has places for 6 TAGS where wordings can be placed. as well as 6 passport size pics can be attached as shown on one flag (b/w this is my brother's pic when he was a kid and dunno why .. but I have always loved this one.. f…

Finally ... I started it.. :)

Hi Friends...

I'm sure you  must be surprised to see the topic of this post... surprised as I am..
finally.. after much coaxing .. I finally decided to make a scrapbook album for myself :)
Actually.. I had been wanting to do this from a long long time.. Since April .. but I coudnt bring the right kind of thoughts I wanted in my Album.. but now I have...

I have always loved Vector shapes for anything and drawing them used to be biggest hobby in my College.. you might want to check my notebooks.. not a page corner without a drawing there was... Somehow When I came across the Lulupu's challenge for this month for making a layout.. I had to get started and finally I decided on making something handmade in my album..
So here's what I made with a Gel pen and then colored it off. Coloring is something I had not tried before in these kinds of drawings, but then I didn't wanted the usual black color to dominate like I had always kept my earlier drawings :)

This is the scrapboo…

Birthday Greeting Card..

Hi Friendz :)

I have finally decided to be more socially active on the blog and yes I'm still gearing up for the challenges at various blogs.. I love them.. for they bring out the creative best in me as I have to scan beyond the simpler horizons and think of something more meaningful, yet creative and lovingly prepared.
I made this card for my Sister-in-law yesterday for it was her birthday a few days back and since we didnt had a chance to go back home on that day.. I'm gonna give it now :)

Here's what I made.. and yes yes.. m hooked to quilling and esp malaysian flowers.. they are fun to make.. and they look so very creative :)

I tried to make something different this time and came up with an easel card. Had seen it in a couple of challenges and liked it pretty much...

A close-up view of the flowers :)

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly …

Quilled Photoframe

Hi Friends...

I have been MIA for quite sometime.. but have been busy planning and making a album which I wanted to gift to my husband on our anniversary.. but alas.. he remembers about the pictures and now he know's that I'm working on the album... so I need to think of something new which I can gift to him :)

Lets see... need to get the brain wheels churning to get something sweet out of them :)
Meanwhile I made this photoframe and did some quilling on it.. and must say, I'm back in love with quillings.. simple stripes of paper can be made into something very pretty...
This is what I made.. :)

err... not this .. but this is what I was having when I started..  :)
 and tada.... I made up the flowers using the malaysian style of creating them !!

This is a closeup of the photo frame... you can also notice a paper doily attached on a blue surface to bring out the color. I had kept this so tht I could have written some sentiments over here as well :)

Here is the complete pict…

My first CAS(E) Card

Hi Friends...

Presenting my first CAS(E) card made exclusively for CAS(E) this Sketch , I never though I would go for a CASE challenge but then, it was too tempting to resist :)

Here's what I made for the challenge

Here's another view of the sentiment... I went ahead with thanking everyone who has helped me at every point on my life :)

Here's the sketch of the CAS(E)
Linking it to : 1)
PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!

Happy Arting and Crafting !

Less is always more...

Hellos People....

I'm back with another card I made for Less is more  one layer week challenge.. I'm getting hooked on to the challenges on the net and find them very intimidating and challenging... for they bring out the best of the creative best in you :)
Here's what I made for the challenge :)

I got playing with my camera a li'l bit and did an black and white image and loved it... see the pearls are shining here !!!

A close up of the birthday greetings :)

Linking it upto

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that go…

creativekuts Candy!!!

Hey Friends...

Amazing candy


December Bits & Pieces Giveaway

down the memory lane candy

yo yo yo.

it's Christmas time and it's raining candies !!! :)
Here's one from Down the memory lane :)

check out at this link

Explosion Box and a birthday gift

Hi Friendz....

Another year coming to an end and excited for the new year.. This year has been one of the bestest in my life for I finally settled down with someone whom I love .. and is my soulmate :)
This year also brought back  my tempting habit of keeping off waste and junk material to make something useful out of it. I had ample time and I started crafting again, it all started with one quilled post by my friend and I was excited to see how was it done when I brought a quilling tool from the market and tried on normal paper first to see what was it all about.. and got hooked in the way...
Within no time, I was back to blogging and met lots of fellow crafter's whom I admire and get inspiration from ..

I love trying out different things, and somehow during the process I found and explosion box.. I loved it to the core and made one for my SIL for her birthday.. it was widely appreciated... I now have made another for my nephew.. a belated gift though.. but still .. have a look …