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Smile... and the world smiles with you!!!

Thought of trying my hands at card making this time...
One reason was that I was trying to see how it would come out and then the second was.. I was curious about the ICR challenge this time. I thought why not to give it a try..
So here's what I did this time...
Made a simple card just saying that... " smile so that the world smiles with you " .. a clean and simple card..

Well, I do not have any embossing paper or embossing machines, I used my quilling stencil to make the embossing for the smiley's and another stencil for the line of flowers on the right !!! :)
Here's another click of the card :)

I also included a origami flower(pink one) here so that I can make my entry for a couple of crafts challenges!! Also a curled rose flower is added  :)

I have used the following items to make this card:
1) Lotus notes papers, Yellow and dark pink
2) Star shaped punch for making the punched decoration
3) Stencil for embossing the flowers and the smiley's circles.
4) …

All things handmade!!!

I knw this blog is all about handmade stuff... but this post is 100% truly handmade stuff.. i.e everything is handmade in this blog(except the wire and green tape used for the stems of the flowers)

I found these cute flowers on and thought of making some for my home decor, and they turned out to be pretty good. I havent made a lot of them and I'm still in the process of making many of these to place all over (for they look lovely and charismatic) and better then the one's found in the markets.. and what more.... they are lovingly and painstakingly make by self !!!

I'm quite actually in love with the blue bunch of flowers for they are really soothing to the eyes :)
The vase here is made out of a Real fruit juice bottle :D and is quite wobbly dobbly at present and I'm thinking of putting some sand in there to make it sturdy. I have wrapped up the empty juice can in a handmade paper and it has quite nice cute little handmade leaves on it in golden…