Birthday props + A Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

Birthday's are so special and I'm sharing a super fun way to Jazz up your Birthday parties and make them a huge huge hit with kids and adults alike!
Birthday Props are a trend these days and why not??? It's a quirky way to add more fun and make your party pictures look amazing!
When Nikita from We Are Real Moms asked me to guest design for their September challenge, I was all up for the game! (Read all about their fun challenges Instagram, the insta link is mentioned above)

I'm sharing a few photo props which have been a HIT (Read BIG HIT) in the past and I never get bored of making these party fun props.
Sharing a few that I did earlier. Also I have a little giveaway for you all, Scroll through the end to find out!

The Best part about these is that they are completely customized and can be made very generic or very specific to the guests in your parties.
Checkout the pictures below to see a varied varieties of these fun props!

How to make these props:
Making these props is fairy simple, all you need is:
1) The printout of the props
2) Scissors
3) Glue gun ( I find that Glue gun works as the best when working with these)
4) A Wooden Dowel (Optional)
5) Coloured paper( Size bigger than the prinout of the prop)

To make them
1) Take the prinout and cut the props as per the shape of the design
2) Paste a Dowel using a glue gun at the back of the cut out design.
3) Paste this whole design on a coloured piece of paper to add a little weight to the whole design and this also make it more sturdier.
4) Cut along the edges leaving a little border of the coloured paper.

Tadaaa, your prop is ready .. Fun, right.. and simple enough!!! (Well, I have a giveaway: Remember... Scroll down )

Hope you liked these and now over to the giveaway!!
Thank you for putting up till the end and I'm giving away two free props which you can download and make your parties more fun and entertaining... After all, We love those party pictures and cherish them always!

So Here are they, just right click and save them!!

Have fun and enjoy !!! Do try these out and I'm sure you will have a rocking time!


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