A Baby album

A few months as (yes months, precisely in March??) I got a call from a friend of mine and she wanted me to make a baby album for her daughter. It was supposed to have a lot of memories from her first year and her first year keepsake album too and I must say, I was pretty excited to start on the same.
But things got tumbled up and I ended up making the album in August( I know that's a lot of delay, but with me not well and stopping all my crafty adventures for a while, there was no choice )

and one good news is... I finally bought a BIGSHOT, the die cutting Machine :) and I'm sooper happy. Now i'm embarking on the journey to collect all my favourite dies :)

Finally, I completed the album before I embarked on my long due vacation back to both my homes, I delivered it and I'm sooper happy since it has been loved and liked by all :)

I have made a lot of flowers for this album as the album is all girlish and little girls love flowers :) I had a lot of them punched and embossed on the album cover. The other set of flowers inside the album were all stamped, heat embossed and fuzzy cut and I loved all of them :)

If you have been following my Facebook Page , you might have had already seen some glimpses of the same since the tit-bits from the album was the only postings on the FB page in a long time.
I'm putting up the complete album for view since it's completed now and is making the little girl very Happy :)

***This is a picture heavy post ***

The album cover, I simply love all the flowers.. they make the album look soo pretty!! Ain't it??
The Frame holding the picture(which of course is blurred) has been learnt from Inna Dorman's tutorial on how to make paper frames which can be viewed here , she has some amazing tutorials :) and a big hug and thanks to my crafty pal Catherine for showing me tht tutorial :)

Close up of the flowers, They are are all punched and them embossed to give them shapes.
Did you notice the little mulberry flowers??? they are all handmade too :)

Here are the snapshots of the inside pages of the album. Since there were a lot of pages (12 to be precise), I ended up collating the adjacent pages in picasa to lessen the length of the post and make it look more appealing :) 
I have hidden all the pics to protect privacy !!

Here are some of the closer look of some of the pages/tags I love to the core :)

This includes an insert with 7 tags to document and note down all the lovely dovey habbit of the little one which she did during the first year :) Now isn't that a sooper cool way to keep track of some of the most cute and to die-for moments???
I simply loved this idea!!!

I hope you all liked the album and enjoyed viewing it too.
I had a blast making this album and cannot wait to start on the next one (which again is a long long due one ... phew ) which is to be made of our post marriage trip.. and DH is waiting eagerly for that one ;) (of course with a lot of terms and conditions )..

c ya soon!! with the new album :) which again i'm too eager to start on!!!

Love Manu!!!


  1. Loved the album!! Your new follower.

  2. you are extending your horizons day by day....proud to have your art at my home :)

  3. excellent, you are expanding your horizons day by day. I am proud to have your art at my home.

  4. its beautiful,cheerful and very loving.. you designed every page very carefully. love the colors and decoration.

  5. A very Happy birthday, Manu!! hope you have a year full of Happiness, cheer and success!!
    ........btw....I am not getting any of your posts on my dashboard even though I am your old follower.

  6. Gorgeous album manu and lovely colours.

    I am here from Devika's blog to wish you a very happy Happy birthday.
    have a blessed birthday dear

  7. So many beautiful flowers and COngrats on your big shot. Wish you a very happy birthday too

  8. Lovely album Manu .Lots of wishes on ur birthday. Love to follow u.

  9. I was looking for an inspiration for a baby scrapbook and I have landed in the perfect page :) I came here from Devika's blog to wish u on your birthday... have a wonderful year ahead..


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