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A Flag Book Album

Here is something which I had been postponing from a long time, and finally have completed it. Three cheers to me... and yes a pat on the back to my DH who was constantly on my back and left me with no choice than to complete this project. Don't we all delay our own projects. Phew!!! and I loved the outcome. !!

Well, this project is something which is very close to my heart as this album is all mine.. Yayyy!!! To be very frank I had no idea on how to go about with our post marriage trip pics(Me and him) and maybe this was the reason why it got delayed for this long. The other reason being, a lot of terms and conditions which were put forward by DH regarding the embellishments and not using a lot of other fancy crafty things.  Finally I found something which was best suited and compelled me to complete OUR album.

Here are the pics of the album, this is i guess my third handmade album and I totally love this one... infact i'm still drooling over it :)

Here's the cover page of the album.
I finally managed to convince him of adding some floral touch to the album :) I love flowers :) and then somehow I also did not wanted to add them on top, so what I did was, made a shadow box and then layered up the flowers along the four sides of the shadow box and covered it with an acetate sheet to stop the dust and all from messing with the design.

I clicked up some pics of the album before I adhered the pictures and this is how the album looks like when it's completely opened up!!

Different pages can also be viewed individually!!

 I kept the cover page pretty simple and instead of adding pattern papers, I distressed white cardstock with complimenting colors and adhered them !! This sure looks like a pretty box :) A lot of quilled roses is another thing which I love looking at :)

This is how the album look when the first page is turned !!!
Keeping it quite simple with minimilistic elements has helped a lot in bringing out the pictures !!

Did you notice the little yellow tags where I can jot down the memories ??? I soo love journaling!

the pages can be flipped like a normal book to check out the pictures on the individual pages and it can also be made to do a swish and swoosh to have that all-in-one-go look effect :)

The Flag book, the way it looks from the top !!!

This is probably my most loved view of the album, when I can pull apart both the front and the back cover and the pages comes yummily criss crossing each other !!! Ooo I sooo love this one!!

The last page of the album!!

 It still has some pictures missing and I'll soon go on the hunting spreee into my picture folders again to check out on which all pics can be a part of the album, I soo want all of them to be happily put up here, but then, if I do, it would become the size of a huge trunk!! Phew... so let me stick on to the number the album needs :)

Do tell me if you liked my new album :) coz I'm in love.. :)
Have fun crafting my friends!!! and thank you for dropping by!!! :)

Linking this project with a couple of challenges:
1) [ used mustad seed and spun sugar for distressing the cover pages!]
2) [ shabby in the fact tht it's outta the style of the regular albums ]
3) [ Fancy me: trying out different styles of handcrafted albums, I love making shaped albums amoung other special fold things]


  1. Manu this is amazing work! :) sooooo much detail and i love it! :)

    Thanks for playing along at lulupu #17 good luck :)

    Pratiksha :)

  2. Wow this is such a lovely album Manu. Lots of hard work! It has been on my wish list since a long time as well.

  3. Such a wonderful album, Manu!!! Loved how it can store a zillion pictures!! And the quilled roses are fab!!!!!! :D

    Thanks for joining us at Lulupu's Challenge #17 - Fancy Me!
    Nikita :)

  4. This is sooooo awesome. Very grand!! You sure are back with a bang!!!

  5. Such a beautiful album....can hold loads of memories.
    Thanks for playing along Spread your wings with distress inks at..

  6. Lovely album...looks like lots of hardwork!


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