Craft Supplies Management

Hello People,

Probably every crafty creature has to get some Management done at some point, with the ever increasing craft supplies, it was getting too idiotic to look out for things when they were piled up!!!
So I decided to make a desk caddy for myself :D

Here's what I made..
it's kind of a very simple one... I took a Ivory sheet in white and marked it to my measurements..

I have about 5 compartments in the back and 6 in the front. The good thing is, one can size each compartment to suit one's needs. I have made the compartments by inserting cardstock in the middle of the box as and where I needed it :)

I made the back box first and then made the front smaller one and adhered them together and then decorated them.
The mathematics was pretty simple as I knew what all I wanted to store.. but I guess, this is gonna be short too once I get more stuff.... Lord.. save me.. :D

Here's an arial view of the caddy..

I hope you all liked my creation... for it's something which is essential for a craftster :)


PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!


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