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Darling Treat from Kukies Basket !!!

“Darling Treat”

Hey guys! I am a free lancer at Kukies Basket and have been chosen as their Design Team Member.

We have some fun things going on for you. Since now I am a part of Kukies Basket I would like to share my happiness with all my crafting mates.

I will be choosing one name from my blog who will be eligible to win a bag of KuBies from my side on the occasion of  Darling Treat where the KuBies bag consists of some amazing crafting gifts.

Already KuBies is happening till 20th February so you have a double chance of wining the KuBies by participating in 4 activities and not just doubling your chances to win but 4times more you have a chance to get lucky by participating in the blog page of all the DT Members of Kukies Basket

Just drop in your name in the comment box below and on 3rd  March I will be picking up one name who wins a KuBies bag from my side.

Being a Design Team Member of Kukies Basket, I, here wish to share some KuBies with all my fellow crafters, since I work at a place where keeping our crafters happy and enthusiastic towards crafting is the way to go!!

So, drop in your name and I will pick one name from the comment box and announce the winner on 3rd March 2013 as on March 3rd Kukies Basket is completing their 10 months of coming into existence.

Lots of love and look out for more lovely creations !!! 

Design Team
Kukies Basket


  1. Wow Manu ...many Congratulations for being a DT @ Kukies Basket....!!
    Shalu/VIjaylaxmi Siyal

  2. Congrats Manu :) I'm a new follower..

  3. Congratulations Manu for becoming a DT. Thanks for the chance to win too..:)


  4. Congrats and thanks for chance

  5. Congratulations! I love your creations :)

  6. Congrats Manu. You do lovely work. I specially liked your Special Fold cards. Looking forward to seeing more great stuff on Kukies Basket. And I am in and keeping my fingers crossed...

  7. Congrats manu ! So will have one more place to see your creations..All the best for your journey with kukies basket !

  8. Wowwww!! its so nice to find you here ...i still remember the beautiful painting you had made:)As i had said it was GORGEOUS!!! congrats on your success:) all the very best fr your future endeavors....

  9. Hi Manu, new to your blog. Thanks for the chance. n Congratulations for ur achievement.

  10. Congrats manu..Thanks for the chance..


  11. Congrats Manu...u r doing awesome work dear... count me in for the treat :)

  12. Congrats Manu.. u r doing awesome work dear....count me in for the treat :)

  13. congrates will reach higher

  14. A big congratulation:)))) best wishes frm my side :))

  15. thanks for share.


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