My First Blog award!!

I'm  very Happy...  I got my first blog award from Laura .
Thanks soo much Laura for the award.. 
The award means "inspiration'',so I wish everyone a lot of inspiration!

Now I have to choose 7 blogs with less than 50 followers and forward them the award , so here they are:
1) Sindu
3) Isha

- thank to the person who gave you award
- put a link of her  blog  in your blog  
- put in your blog the logo of the award
- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members
- put a links to this blogs
- inform these people that they received the award
- write 7 thing (facts) for youself 

And now 7 things about me:
1. I am loving papers and crafts 
2. I'm completely in love with m husband :)
3. I like to listen to music, so it's music that flows in my home everytime !
4. I love my family
5. I'm quite fussy sometimes :D everyone is..
6. I wish for more time for my crafts and my studies tooo...
7. I love to explore the craft world.

Love !!!


  1. Hi Manu ...i loved ur giving u a blog award..plz visit my blog and receive the same..and leave some love...!!

  2. Hi Manu,Glad to know you have already recieved the award..:)However i guess you won't deny another
    I have the same flowery blog award for you at my blog..:) Do visit..


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