Napkin Fold Card ...

Hello People,

I have been crazy about the special fold cards and I loved the idea of a Napkin fold card.
It just drives one with as awesome feeling to having unfold it.... and it looks sooper cool too when it opens up to be a 12*12 from a 6*6 one :)

Here's what I made with my Napkin Fold card :)
I loved the way the holder for it came out to be. I saw this on Indira's blog about how to hold the card together !!!

Another shot of the card..

This is how it opens up to be..
I have made 4 small pockets for 4 circular shaped inserts and have stamped messages on them..

I hope you liked my take on this one....

PS: If these posts inspire you to bring out the creative best in you, that would be the bestest thing that will happened to you, and I'll be flattered. But, kindly do respect the hard work and thoughts that goes into these works and please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks!!!



  1. It looks beautiful did you make the it a punch?

  2. wow manu...very beautiful....n the punched boarders n flowers are fab...nice take on.

  3. Wow ! Its very beautiful Manu .I liked the idea of pockets inside !

  4. Wpw Manu - very elaborate and interesting. The rose at the top is also fab!
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

  5. wow Manu your cards looks very lovely !


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